The Best Food Places In Sydney

If you are setting out for a gastronomic journey in Sydney then you would appreciate the variety of foods available all over the city. The visit becomes worth remembering after you complete the sightseeing and then end up eating in the best places. There is a number of eating places in Sydney that you will love to visit during your stay. Some of the best one according to the Sydney food guide that you can never avoid is as follows:

Black star pastry

If you are a sweet tooth and love the fruit based desserts then this is the right place. Apart from the usual desserts some amazing sweets that can be mouth watering for any sweet tooth include strawberry watermelon cake, orange cake with Persian fig and much more. Apart from these, it is possible to enjoy the sandwiches and the savory bread of different types.


This extravagant taste zone is popular for its mouth-watering brunch. It has a; so started what people remember as the famous cronut movement. If you love the fast food then it would be great to have the taste of their famous Elvis burger. For those who love the foods with higher protein content, they have wood-smoked salmon and curried Israeli couscous with poached egg, coriander, and lime.

Barrio Cellar

If you are a Mexican food freak, who is in search of tacos, tortas, quesadillas and most definitely tequila then Sydney it is the right place. All the Sydney food guides will tell you the story of this great Mexican food empire.

The grounds of Alexandria

If you are missing the town of Alexandria and its grandeur and tastes while in Sydney then the grounds of Alexandria is a great brunch eat out. The amazing picturesque, excellent architecture and traditional Alexandrian settings add to the food served.

Cow and the moon

Whether it is the heated summer or the chilly winter one thing that no one can ignore is the ice cream. After a scrumptious meal what can be more satisfying than a rich ice cream. This is something different in every bite that you take of their ice cream.

Devon café

F you are a café lover who is always looking for some best restaurants Sydney CBD who serve specialty coffee along with other beverages and yummy snacks then try going to this great Café in the heart of Sydney.

Gowings Bar and Grills

Located just next to the QT Sydney hotel, it is a wonderful place to be. It will treat you as a special visitor and will provide you with all the best foods. this top-notch place will serve you the most extravagant food in an impressive manner.

This is just a brief review of the places in Sydney; the city is actually much vaster than you can think of. There is a range of foodie hangouts where you can have the best times of your life. From Asian to African to Chinese and thai they serve every variety.

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