How To Plan A Surprise Party For Your Mother

As your mother gets older she may turn down the birthday parties for dinners with the family. But when it comes to a milestone birthday you know that the only way to celebrate it is by having a party. However, instead of letting your mother be aware of this fact you can consider planning a surprise party. We can guarantee that this is something that everyone would love. But you need to make sure that everything is planned properly. Otherwise, this surprise party would end up becoming a nightmare.

Select a Venue

When planning a surprise party we understand that many opt to host this event in their home. But when it comes to your mother you cannot host it at her house. That is because you would have to keep her away for several hours to get everything ready. This would not be an easy task to accomplish. Thus, that is why you should consider function rooms Newcastle. However, if you are planning a more intimate affair you can consider your own house. Furthermore, it would also be easy for you to get your mother there without arousing any suspicions. But you need to let the guests know to arrive early. That is because they need to be at the location at least 30 minutes before your mother arrives. This way they would have time to situate themselves.

Invite Guests

Once you confirm the venue hire you can go on to invite the guests. As this is your mother you would probably know all the guests that you would have to invite. That is because this list would include mostly family and friends. If you don’t know all her friends the easiest thing to do is use her phone for reference. That is because she would have all the numbers saved on this device. Then all you need to do is call up these individuals. But when inviting them make sure to let them know that this is a surprise party. Otherwise, they would end up spoiling the surprise.

Select a Theme

As this is a milestone birthday you need to make sure that it would be a special event. The way to do this is by hosting a themed party. One of the best ways to do this would be by using the year she was born as the theme. This means everything from music to food to outfits should be a reflection of this year.Planning a surprise party may sound like a daunting task. But you are unlikely to face any troubles if you follow the above tips.

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