Classification Of Golf Club

People have introduced many different types of sports for their entertainment as well as for better living style. These types of sorts might vary from cricket to football. One such kind of sports is known as golf. Golf is one such sport in which lot of things and a proper course is required to play this game. Players in this game are meant to hit the ball with the clubs in multiple holes but the catch is to hit the target in as minimum strokes as possible. A vast land on which this sport is played upon is known as golf course; it is especially taken care of by the professionals. Restaurants and cafes are also built alongside the golf course in sydney because who does not want a beautiful view with his or her lunch time. People like to organize their dinners and even their meetings in such areas as well. In this article; we will be discussing about the classification of golf club.

Classification of golf club:

People mistakes golf club as the sport itself but that is not the case because the sport is termed as golf and the club is the kind of a tool that is used to hit the ball in the hole. There are different types of clubs which are used for different kinds of shots. There are clubs made up of iron and are meant to hit long distance shots. Some clubs are known as wedges which are meant to hit the ball in such a way that it flies up the surface. Wood clubs are the traditional types of clubs that are mostly used by the beginners. Then there is the most commonly used type of clubs which are known as putters. They can be used for every kind of a hit especially the gentle ones. There are specially designed golf bags that have the twelve to fourteen compartments made in them to put all types of clubs in the bag as well as the balls that are meant to be hit.

Golf course:

We know that golf course is the vast land which is meant for the golf game to be played but the vastness and beauty of the land calls for much more. This is why this land is used for many other purposes as well like for the organization of business dinners or the evening parties.


Golf is the kind of a sport in which club is used to hit the ball into the hole dug inside a golf course. The clubs that are used to play the sport of golf can be divided into four different types. These types include wood clubs, wedges, putters and iron clubs. Each of the previously mentioned categories differs on the basis of the shots with which they hit the ball. “Carnarvon golf club” is one of the best golf clubs where different events and meetings can also be organized.

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