Cafe Decor And Furniture

The trend of nicely decorated cafe is increasing due to more and more competition in the market. There is a café, eatery or a restaurant in every other street which is offering almost the same menu with a nice environment. To standout in the list of restaurants you need to bring some cutting edge innovation in your place so that people get fascinated through it. This could be done by offering complimentary food and drinks items, arranging music setup or by having a bonfire setup in winters. Cafes and restaurants are now into brand building and for this purpose the importance of decor is a vital element to create a nice and sophisticated image. 

The use of fairy lights, dim lights, bright lights, LED lights and colored lights are very much in fashion. Along with candles, chandeliers, good furniture with a dark chocolate brown wooden floor just to give that marvelous look. Cafes nowadays hire interior and exterior decorer to get that perfection. The use of indoor plants and trend of open cafes are increasing because diverse people prefer dissimilar types of environments. Now families also opt for outdoor seating. Theme based cafes are the new in thing, there are Halloween themed, garage themed, cave themed, Sherlock Holmes themed cafes to offer customers with a different atmosphere.

It is important for restaurant and cafe owners to know that decorations are important but not the only prime element in the food industry because if the basic, first and foremost offering you are providing is “Food” if the menu selection, food quality, presentation and service time is not up to mark it will not compensate much with the low food standards and people might come seasonally as they would not get the value for their money and time at your place. Balancing both aspects is the prime goal for any entrepreneur in the food industry. High rise ceilings and scented atmosphere gives an elegant aesthetics to your eatery.

Furniture selection of a café varies with that of a restaurant because cafes are considered to be a little informal and easy for seating. So the cafe furniture is kept light and likeable for young and other age groups. It is always better to have a mixture of furniture at your cafe so that the priorities of people can be met according to their comfort. It should have mid level seats, sofas, bean bags and L shaped seat sets to accommodate all types of needs. Cleanliness should be up to the mark, no stingy kitchen smells, leftover food, dust balls should be spotted. Keep the lighting medium to high because if it is dark people would feel suffocated in such an environment, put aesthetic lamps where needed. Flower decoration also adds a good essence to your cafe; you can merge it with your theme and layout of colors.

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